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Bandar Bola (also known as “Bandera”) is a traditional fishing boat that was used in India and the nearby areas of Pakistan, Burma and Bangladesh by the British. It has since become a popular tourist attraction and many people visit the port of Bandar Bola in Malaysia each year for a great deal of activities such as shopping, swimming and fishing. It is possible to rent a fishing boat for a few hours and take a leisurely trip along the waterfront at a nominal charge or spend the day fishing on the water. The fishing boat is a lot more fun to get into than a normal houseboat, but it can be dangerous if it is taken out in the deep waters of the Banda Tjuta estuary in Malaysia or is subjected to heavy seas.

This small vessel can be easily maneuvered and is very maneuverable. It is usually a wooden vessel with an open deck on one side and on the other a long curved deck made of a variety of wood and plastic that has a hole in the middle. This hole is the entrance into the boat where the fishing equipment is stored when not in use.

The good thing about this fishing boat is that it is relatively inexpensive and it can also be very fast. The downside of the boat is that it is not easy to navigate as compared to a houseboat. However, if you are familiar with the Banda Tjuta estuary and how to take care of boats there, you can easily navigate it.

Most of the times, people take the small boat to the beach. At the beach, they can explore the area and look at the various shops and restaurants. They can enjoy some fresh fruits and vegetables and they can also sit and eat with the locals while they wait for their meals. As they wait, they can listen to the local music bands or the fishing boats can be seen in the water.

The downside of the Bandar Bola boat is that there is not much room inside the boat and it can be difficult to maneuver when you do not know what you are doing. Some people prefer to stay at the beach and use the facilities provided by the hotels or resorts in the area and hence the reason why they choose to hire the boat.

Once you go on a trip with the boat, you will definitely enjoy the trip more. You can also take photographs of the scenery on the beach using your camera and then you can print the pictures using your personal computer and you can have them framed and frame them in beautiful frames. so that you can keep them as souvenirs and can be given away as gifts to those who you think would appreciate them.

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